Suzanna Hext is an inspirational para athlete who is triple European Gold medalist and ended 2017 as Grade 3 world number 1.  A speaker, a brand ambassador, she is extraordinary. 


 Suzanna Hext was competing at two-star level eventing before an accident while riding a young horse at home in 2012 which changed her life. After more than 170 days in hospital and nine operations, Suzanna has returned fighting and won at the Para Dressage European Championships. Suzanna  has proven to the world that nothing can stop passion, drive and determination.  To find out more about Suzanna's incredible journey, the horses, her supportive team read on below.   


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The horses

Without the phenomenal horses Suzanna wouldn't be where she is today. They have been a huge part of her epic journey to winning gold. Meet the horses here.

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The team

Behind every great athlete is an  army of people who provide support and guidance. The team supporting Suzanna have been incredible and supportive. To find out who these amazing people are click here.



Suzanna would like to say a huge thank you to her Sponsors for their kind and ongoing support.  Without their endorsement, support and help Suzanna would have been at a lost. To find out who these amazing companies are read more:

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Suzanna's Story

Having learnt to ride from a young age, Suzanna showed natural talent for riding and training horses. Then one day, every riders worst nightmare happened. Suzanna fell off a youngster and broke her back. She was told she could never ride again.  Find out more.